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SUNBIO is compostable products with truly safe for environment since the products, bags or plastic tubes, are produced from purely natural materials derived from corns or cassava. Our products are certainly digested by microbes in nature, such as bacteria, and later turning into biomass or soil. This biomass then will be used for planting crops or trees, leaving neither harm nor toxic to environment. Such phenomenon closes the ecological cycle.

SUNBIO's products are conforming International Standards for Compostable packaging fields, including EN13432, ASTM D6400, ISO 14855, JIS K 6953 and Din Certco certification (Germany) for seedling logo and Biodegradable Products (BPI) as a guarantee that our products are certainly biodegradable. SUNBIO provides wide ranges of disposable products such as zipper bags, drinking straws, shopping bags, garbage bags, gloves, cutlery and agricultural film. The properties of these products are not inferior to those goods produced by conventional plastics.

SUNBIO Products

PLA Straw

Bioplastic straw with 100% naturally decomposed. Suitable for cold drinks. Creating a splendid experience.

Paper Straw

Made by virgin pulp under FSC certified. No use of chlorine bleach and 100% naturally decomposed.

Garbage Bags

Garbage bags on roll are easy to use and store. Just pull and tear. Save space. Natural color. A strong scent retention and eco-Friendly.

Zipper Bags

A multi-purpose zipper is suitable for containing food, snack.100% naturally decomposed without leaving any residue.

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SUNBIO Garbage Bags


Garbage bags on roll are easy to use and store. Just pull and tear. Save space. Natural colour. Strong scent retention and eco-Friendly. It is made by bioplastic (Bio-Plastic) as compostable waste 100% without leaving residue. It can be eliminated by landfill and will disintegrate within 180 days. You do ensure that when using SUNBIO products you will contribute to sustainable environmental protection.

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